Repair Service
Your Instrument Care is Patient Care


Our experience indicates that the high precision instruments used with the operating microscope require regular maintenance to ensure constant high performance and long life. Duckworth & Kent offers a fast turnaround to repair and service hand held surgical instruments.
  • We always provide a quality, professional service utilising our technologically advanced in-house facilities.
  • We aim to achieve a fast and efficient turnaround.
  • All instruments are repaired by highly skilled craftsmen, ensuring that any small imperfections are not overlooked.
  • We repair all makes and styles of Diamond Knives.

Before we will carry out any work or repairs on any instrument we require proof that the instrument has been decontaminated.


If you are unable to provide the relevant documentation / certificate to confirm decontamination and you are aware that this process has been preformed then please download and complete one of the below forms.


Decontamination Form - Company Decontamination Form - Hospital



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