Product Details: 2-135E
Product Code:
Colibri Toothed Forceps
0.12mm toothed,tip length 2mm
• 0.12mm, 1 x 2 teeth, tip length 2mm
• 6mm tying platforms
• Colibri style shafts
• Flat handle, length 115mm
• Design registration number 004383396-0001
Innovation is at the heart of our philosophy and is driven by our enduring commitment to provide surgeons with only the highest quality reusable titanium ophthalmic instrumentation. We are proud to announce and unveil our latest line of instrumentation, the “E-Range”. This range represents the application of cutting edge technology fused with over 50 years of engineering knowledge. These instruments offer surgeons an elegant, well balanced and ergonomically designed handle while still providing our high quality, consistent and durable functionality.