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Barrett Duo Nucleus Rotator / Manipulator / Splitter
Cutting edge 60° to axis, designed for left or right side port
Nucleus splitter
• Straight, sharp inner / outer sides of tip, tip length 1.25mm
• Cutting edges 60° to axis
• 45° angled shaft, tip to angle length 14mm
Rotator / manipulator
• 0.65mm mushroom tip
• 45° angled shaft, tip to angle length 10mm
• Barrett balanced set handle, length 124mm
Smooth tip manipulator is useful as a nucleus rotator / manipulator in four quadrant nucleo fractis techniques. End of manipulator is ideal for retracting iris during phacoemulsification and inserting IOLs. Nucleus splitter used during phacoemulsification techniques such as phaco chop and modified phaco chop procedures.
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