Design and Development
Duckworth and Kent is an innovative company, striving to create the next ground breaking product for the market. Our special dedicated in-house Design and Research & Development departments work directly with our Engineering department to produce hundreds of prototypes a year.
Duckworth & Kent is constantly evolving and developing more advanced multipurpose small devices for the ophthalmic industry. We develop our own ideas but we also welcome ideas and concepts from surgeons, and over the years have produced thousands of prototypes for customers all over the world, many going into our current product range.
Duckworth & Kent designs, develops and manufactures for major ophthalmic companies as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). With our in house facilities we offer development of designs and capabilities for high volume manufacturing.
Before even the first physical prototype is produced Duckworth and Kent employ some of the most sophisticated computer aided design (CAD) software that generates and models the prototype. It is here where substantial time is spent perfecting the design.
Once the design is complete, the first working prototype is created by the Research & Development department who work closely with the Engineering department.
In the development, modifications may be carried out to the design to produce a high quality working prototype.
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