We have a dedicated team that manage and organise all aspects of our operations.
Business Logistics
Our administration team organise and coordinate resources at Duckworth & Kent. Their functions involve inventory management, purchasing and sales, material and job deployment, customer service, warehousing, shipping and transport. It will be this team that you will have point contact with for placing and tracking progress of orders.
Production Logistics
Production Planning organises and coordinates the manufacturing operations, ensuring maximum efficiencies in work flow and ease of communication with our administration team.
Economies of scale can be achieved by running larger production volumes on certain items than may be initially required. Dependant upon your requirements we can maintain and manage stock of assembled devices or components to enable you to offer a quick response to your customer requirements.
We can hold your products and ship on your behalf direct to your customers and distributors. Thus ensuring delivery in a timely fashion with minimal handling and shipping charges.
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