Engineering is the foundation of Duckworth & Kent, and it is this area where the company excels. Duckworth & Kent started as a small specialised engineering company, primarily involved in high precision contract engineering work for the British Ministry of Defence.
Through expansion we entered the Medical Device industry, which is now our core business. Throughout its transitions, engineering has always been at the heart of the development of the company. Today Duckworth & Kent has a global reputation for innovation and quality, founded and evolved over 50 years of precision engineering manufacturing.
Our engineering facility utilises the most advanced computerised machines and is set to handle high volume precision manufacturing.
The medical device market demands for devices that are finer, more intricate and more versatile. Duckworth & Kent invest in the latest capital equipment to keep at the forefront, and to produce exactly what the market requires.
The highly skilled team of engineers operate and programme the CNC machines to consistently produce the high quality product you would expect from Duckworth & Kent.
With our engineering department located in the same facility as the designers, it enables us to rapidly develop products.
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