Packaging & Cleanroom
Cleanroom Packaging - Sterile Products
At the Duckworth & Kent facility is a 15 square meter (160sq ft) Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) cleanroom.
Within the cleanroom environment we are able to carry out the following:
  • Final cleaning of devices by an automated multi-ultrasonic bath that is temperature controlled and programmable.
  • Visual inspection of devices through a high magnification optical microscope with the facilities to record or capture images.
  • Programmable and automated packaged sealing machine where products can be packaged by heat-sealed airtight pouches.
All of our packaging equipment is fully validated and incorporates total process controls. We can have routine validation and monitoring of package seals using constrained burst testing, dye penetration and peel strength methods.
Once products are packaged in our cleanroom, Duckworth & Kent can coordinate all aspects of sterilisation and have your products sterilised using our certified processors.
Regular Packaging - Non Sterile Products
Where products that require non-cleanroom packaging, we package them in foam lined plastic boxes. Individual labelling with product information including bar coding (when required) is placed on the boxes.
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